The Story Behind Harry Hoxey (1901-1974)
The Hoxey therapy is a mix of internal and external preparations, including an emphasis on diet and vitamin/mineral supplementation. Harry Hoxey, a 20th century herbal folk healer, received much press for his Hoxey Treatments as well as much opposition from the American Medical Association. Hoxey was jailed in the US for treating patients for cancer. Eventually the Hoxey clinic was moved to Tijuana, Mexico to avoid further prosecution.

Hoxey formulas began with Harry's great-grandfather's success with a salve (external) used to treat horses. Harry's great-great-grandfather bred horses in Illinois. One of his prize Percheron developed cancer and the veternarian suggested the horse be shot. John Hoxey, Harry's great-grandfather, pleaded the horse not be shot and so it was put out to pasture to die. The horse's cancer regressed and the John Hoxey took note of the plants that the horse had grazed on. Hoxey ground up the plants and experimented with differnt combinations by treating other sick horses. Hoxey developed three formulas that proved to be effective. One was a liquid, one was a salve and the third was a powder. Hoxey used his formulas to treat neighboring farmers who came to him with their ailing horses.

John Hoxey passed the secret of his formula to his son, Harry Hoxey's grandfather, on his deathbed. He in turn passed it on to his son, Harry's father, John H. Hoxey. John H. Hoxey became a veterinarian surgeon.

Harry Hoxey was the youngest of twelve children. By the time Harry was born, his father began to human cancers as well as horse cancers. Harry started assisting his father when he was eight years old and continued to help his father as news spread and more and more people sought out his treatments. Eventually, John H. Hoxey turned his vetinerary business over to an assistant and began treating only human cancers. Before John H. died, he passed the formula on to his son with the instructions to treat anyone who came to him and not to turn anyone away even if they could not pay.

Harry attempted to become a doctor so that he could treat patients legally. He turned people away at first while he worked to earn the money to pay for his degree. But a gentleman named Larkin suffering from a malignant growth on his face had been told by doctors that he had less than a year to live. Larkin convinced Harry to treat him impressing upon Harry that he would die if he waited for Harry to earn his degree. Larkin was treated and he brought others to be treated.

So began his career and many years of opposition with the American Medical Association (AMA) for what they considered to be a hoax. The AMA repeatedly charged Harry Hoxey with fraud and charges for treating patients without a medical degree.

Harry Hoxey was charged in numerous court cases, many were appealed with the decisions overturned in Harry's favor. As Harry's clinics were forced to be close down, he would move to another region and open a new one. His clinics were always very busy with patients rich and poor.

The external salve formula contains bloodroot (sanguinara canadensis) which has also been used by Lake Superior Native Americans to treat cancer. The internal tonic is high in potassium iodide.

Hoxey Brew
The liquid tonic for internal cancers is a detoxifier made from the following:

  • potassium iodide also important in Gerson therapy)
  • licorice root
  • red clover
  • stillingia root
  • barberis root
  • poke berries and root
  • Casgara amaraga
  • Aromatic USP 14
  • prickly ash bark
  • buckthorn bark
  • burdock root (antimutagenic)*

* some books do not include this ingredient as one of the original ingredients in the Hoxey formula.

Hoxey patients were instructed to eat whole, fresh foods and to omit salt, surgar and alcohol. Persons taking the tonic are cautioned to avoid carbonated beverages, pork, tomatoes, alcohol, processed flour, vinegar and highly seasoned foods because they may reduce or negate the effect of the herbs. To facilitate detoxification, the Hoxey clinic encouraged patients to dring grape juice to help clense the liver. Cancers that have historically responded most favorably to the tonic are lymphoma, melanoma, skin cancer.

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